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We take care of all your shipping needs so you dont have to.

We provide courier and logisitics services in Jamaica. We ship big and small, medium and large items for businesses or individuals. Sign up to receive your free shipping address and additional benifits. We are big on customer service and your experience and satisfaction is our priority.

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Track Packages

You will be able to track the location and progress of your package from your personalize dashboard. Please note that this company does not have a store location currently. Therefore, only drop-off and delivery services will be offered.


We offer delivery so you dont have to visit the office. Delivery requests can be made from the dashboard.

Email Notification

We will send promotional emails and other important information right to your email.

Freight Forwarding

We provide both air and sea freight forwarding. Look for the address on your personalized dashboard

Credit Card Services

If you dont have a credit card, we provide our customers with credit cards so they can shop on their favourite websites in exchange for cash.


We will be sending out promotional emails on how you can be rewarded for shipping


Frequently Asked Questions

We ship packages from Miami weekly on Wednesdays. On normal circumstances, your package will take 7-8 days from the date it arrives at our Miami warehouse.

For example, if your package reaches our warehouse in Miami by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning before 10 am, this package will arrive in Jamaica on Monday and the container will then be processed on Tuesday so customer’s package will be ready for pick-up or delivery on a Wednesday/Thursday.

You could split your total order into small orders of $50 USD.

Items such as meats, guns, knives, etc, are deemed as restricted items by the Jamaica Customs.

Here is a link to their website for additional information: https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm

It is a mandatory request by the Jamaica Customs that invoices must be provided for packages arriving in the country.

Failure to provide invoices will result in having your packages delayed and the Jamaica Customs Agency assigning a value of the package.

9am - 6pm Monday-Saturday